*A consultation is needed for all services to determine the prices.

Ghostwriting -

Many are skilled at verbal communication but lack the ability to translate their words into written articulation. Sound familiar? Let's combine your genius with our genius to capture your audience.

When ghostwriting, we develop and provide written transactional, persuasive, informational, or instructional literature. Additionally, we create journalistic works, speeches, blogs post, or other texts officially credited to you as the author.

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Print Content Development -

When creating content for print, we go through researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for print publications.

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Written Web Content Development -  

Having a hard time creating written content for your media outlets? Then, it's time to delegate.

Let us help you with your written web content development process. We develop written content, modify existing content, research, gather, and organize information for publication.

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Editing -


We read your written draft and revise it to improve the structure, flow, and logic, ensuring that we convey your ideas clearly. We also focus on technical quality and ensure your text is free of grammatical and factual errors, mistakes, and repetitions.


Please note *This service involves collaboration on the editor and writer's part and can mean significant changes to your text. 

Copy editing - 

We revise your written draft, improve readability, focus on technical

quality, and ensure that your text is free of grammatical and factual errors, mistakes, and repetitions.

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Social Media Content Development -

We develop, edit, proofread, and manage social media post, articles, blogs, ad copy etc.


We also create graphics, use photos, and development web page layout.

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Proofreading -

We check for quality before the written draft is published or mass-produced.


Please note *While there may be light editing such as inconsistent spelling, the written material will be returned for copyediting if there are too many errors. 

Content Development -


Creating flyers, brochures, posters, or presentations is time-consuming and one of those tedious tasks that should be delegated.


We specialize in developing designs and written content for infographics, rack cards, flyers, resource booklets, brochures, pamphlets, presentations, and more. Let us use our mental energy so that you don't have to.

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Two essential items to have prepared are your business cards for exchange and flyers for events.


Whether they be in physical paper form or digital, let us create your design.

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